Mobile Work Seat

A functional and professional mobile office
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The professional work office for the road!

Mobile WorkSeat is designed to fit into all vehicles, so that you can improve your work environment, no matter which car you drive.

Our Flex solution consists of a computer-/tablet holder installed on a flexible swingarm, it is adjustable to all sizes of computers and tablets. Long-term the improved posture from working with the flexible swingarm can help you avoid damage to your back and lower back. Working in the car without the right work environment can cause awkward bends and bad posture, which over time can cause damage to your back, that is hard to recover from.

Therefore, we suggest that you early on invest in a work environment, the future you or colleagues will appreciate.

More efficiency and better quality

Besides the ergonomic design, Mobile Work Seat makes your workdays easier and more effective. By having your computer or laptop ready at hand, you save time.

When you report after a meeting or finished project you create a more efficient and structured workday, the quality of your digital work increases when you do it with your tasks fresh in memory.

Secure, easy and practical solution

Mobile Work Seat is easy and quick to install on your seat, but also to remove again. It is safely installed with the seatbelt and a fitting that goes underneath the seat. This way it is easy and quick to remove on days where you need the seat for other purposes.

Often storage space in the car cabin is scarce, with Mobile Work Seat you get it under the desk, which fits perfectly for papers, pens, brochures or anything else you need stored away but easily accessible.

For Mobile Work Seat you can add extra features such as tray, paper-, flask- or brochureholder. Everything designed to improve your work environment. If you have other needs, please contact us, so that together we might find a solution.

- Mobile Work Seat is computer and tablet compatible with our solutions.

- Mobile Work Seat can be installed in all cars with an available seat.

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”Mobile Work Seat is functioning as inteded, it does not shift during driving and is able to be tighly fastened. I have a disc herniation, which is why I have a special truck seat installed, so I can always sit correctly. I am very conscious about my seated posture when I work. The Seat model gives me the option to always be seated comfortably and with good posture, because I can take the swingarm in front of the wheel, so i can sit upright.”
Carsten Skovfoged, Aura Energi

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Reasons to choose Mobile Work Seat:

- Pleasant and ergonomically correct work posture
- More effective workdays, because you save time
- Higher quality of your digital tasks
- Extra storage space
- Quick to assemble and disassemble on the seat

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