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A functional and professional mobile office
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Mobile Work improves the work environment

Mobile Work Desk is designed to make your work posture better. It is a worktable with a flexible swingarm attached, it is installed between your two front seats. On the swingarm there is an adjustable holder for your computer or tablet. Making you able to always have your mobile office ready, when you need to work in the car. It enables you to sit ergonomically correct and therefore, gain a perfect work position in the car.

Long-term the improved posture from working with the flexible swingarm can help you avoid damage to your back and lower back. Because working in the car without the right work environment can cause awkward bends and bad posture, which over time can cause damage to your back, which are hard to recover from.

Therefore, we suggest that you early on invest in a work environment, the future you or colleagues will appreciate.

Get a more efficient and structured workday

Besides the ergonomic design, Mobile Work Desk makes your workdays easier and more effective. By having your computer or laptop ready at hand, you save time.

When you report after a meeting or finished project you create a more efficient and structured workday, the quality of your digital work increases when you do it with your tasks fresh in memory.

Many of our customers are pleased with the possibility of extra storage space in the car cabin, because it is normally lackluster. Our drawers give additional possibilities for dividing your Mobile Work Desk storage space.

A safe and professional solution, tailored to your needs

Mobile Work is easily installed in your car and the safety is top notch, it quickly becomes a part of your car.  Mobile Work Desk can be installed in all cars with two single seats. It is available in two sizes, which ensures a solution that fits your car:

-       Small H:520 W: 180 D: 520 - Created for Custom, VW T6, Trafic and vans that size.

-       Large H:655 W: 250 D: 530 - Created for Sprinter, Crafter, Iveco and vans that size.

Mobile Work Desk have a computer and tablet solution available, you can also add extra features such as drawers, door, tray, paper-, flask- or brochureholder. Everything is designed to improve your work environment. If you have other needs, please contact us, so that together we might find a solution.

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“It is great being able to take my computer and move it into a comfortable position, when I need to use it. The swingarm really does wonders for my posture and my workdays gets sifnificant more convenient and easy. Pretty much all of my colleagues use Mobile Work Desk and are also satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend it to others, who like I use my car as my office.”

Niels Astrup, Grundfos

Read about our customers experience with our products here.

If you have already decided to improve your mobile office environment, you can find our retailers here.

Reasons to choose Mobile Work Desk

- Pleasant and ergonomically correct work posture
- More effective workdays, because you save time
- Higher quality of your digital tasks
- Extra storage space

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