Our Customers Mobile Work Experiences

At Mobile Work we strive to accumulate satisfied customers. Which is why we always go the extra mile, to create your perfect work environment.

“I have had the same Mobile Work Desk for 8 years, in three different cars. It is great being able to take my computer and move it into a comfortable position, when I need to use it. The swingarm really does wonders for my posture, and my workday gets significant more convenient and easy. I am also pleased with the drawers, there are not a lot of storage space in these cars. Nowadays I finish my reporting every time I have finished a project, before I used to do it when i got back to the office, often a lot got lost in the time between. Pretty much all of my colleagues use Mobile Work and are also very satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend it to others, whom like I use my car as my office.”

Niels Astrup,

“I am district manager for Hako Denmark, from Hobro to the boarder. My day can be upwards 80 percent on the road, so a lot of my day is spent in the car. It is my office, as I often say. I use my mobile office when I have finished a client meeting, or maybe have an hour until the next meeting. I can easily spend an hour doing different task on my computer. If I have been seated most of the day, i take the swingarm to the passenger seat and work from outside. It enables me to stand up, stretch my legs, get some fresh air and sun. Mobile Work Desk makes it more convenient to work in the car, it enables me to sit much better. In my former positions I had other mobile office solutions, which were not comfortable or convenient at all. The drawers are great, easy to access and help me keep order in the car, same goes for my brochureholder which keeps my papers organized. I would like to recommend Mobile Work to others, I think it is a really good solution”

Thomas Rasmussen,
Hako Danmark

“My entire workday is on the road, where I service, maintain and repair gates and locks. At Assa Abloy we actually have a lot of desk work with e-mails, offers to customers and reports to our main office. So, for me it is especially important that my work environment is functional. I use my tablet a lot each day, that is why I think it is cool with all the possibilities the Mobile Work Desk gives me. Especially the adjustable swingarm, but also extra storage space, cupholder and brochureholder for all my papers. I am a huge fan of my Mobile Work office, and it is not just something that I am saying. In my former position I had nothing the like.”

Sebastian Høirup,
Assa Abloy

“I use my computer whenever i have finished a task, it is very important for me to have it at hand and ready for use. I am on the road almost every day, whereas on Thursdays and Fridays I am driving to 76 technicl houses, where i patch new customers. The Mobile Work Seat model is functioning as intended, it does not shift during driving and it is able to be tightly fastened. I have a disc herniation, which is why I have a special truck seat installed, so I can always sit correctly. Therefore, I am very conscious about my seated posture when I work, the Seat model gives me the option to always be seated comfortable and with a good posture, because i can take the swing arm in front of the wheel, so i can sit upright.”

Carsten Skovfoged,
Aura Energi