Mobile Work - Improving your mobile office environment

Mobile Work was established after our customers at the time requested a mobile office, which improved the quality of life for their employees. Our focus lies on the large workforce who work primarily from their vehicles, and use their computer or tablet in their daily work. We believe that the value gained from a good and healty work environment cannot be overstated.
Our vision in Mobile Work is to always be the preferred solution within mobile offices, by customers and partners. We achieve that by continuously innovating and improving our product, and ways of doing business. We strongly believe that our products will improve the mobile work environment for many people, in the years to come.

Mobile Works History

Mobile Work is the result of a long-lasting collaboration between Voka Industry and Bækmann K. Our shared experiences within metalworking and interior design for commercial vehicles, laid the foundation for the creation of Mobile Work.
We have created a series of products that our customers requested, but more importantly fulfilled their needs for a better mobile work environment for their employees.

Voka Industry is specialized within sheet metal processing, laser cutting, hydraulic press brakes and interior design for a wide range of commercial vehicles. Bækmann K have vast experience within machining, milling and turning. The collective competences combined with years of Mobile Work office development, has given us the aspiration to the marketleader within mobile offices. Therefore, we founded Mobile Work in 2020.

We really care about our customers, their businesses, but most importantly their employees and their needs. Therefore, it is important for us that our customers needs are satisfied, their employees are pleased and their businesses are thriving. We place an honor in the quality of our work and our products, which are 100% produced in Denmark and only with the best materials. In Mobile Work we are incredibly proud to have some of Denmarks leading companies as our ambassadors, and great quality commercial vehicle interior design businesses, as our business partners.

The Mobile Work Team

Dan Højlund Graugaard-Jensen
Partner - Sales

Dan is co-owner of Voka Industry, where he has been a part of the management since 2004. He has a background in business and have more than 15 years of experience, within interior design for commercial vehicles and mobile work environments. Voka Industry got a 'Success company 2019' award, the same engagement for customers, quality and development, Dan brings with him to his daily work in Mobile Work.

Alf Graugaard-Jensen
Partner - Production

Alf is co-owner of Voka Industry, he is educated mechanical engineer and have worked with consulting, production, production optimization and product development. In 2004 he started as a subcontractor of thin plate machining. Voka Industry was awarded with a Gaselle Prize in 2018 and 2019, for their growth. The same value creation processes, Alf will contribute to Mobile Work.

Anders Bækmann Kristensen
Partner - Development

Anders is the owner of Bækmann K, he is educated as mechanical engineer and have worked within consulting, product development, European standards, product optimization and design. He started independently in 2003, as a subcontractor of machining and welding.