The Future of Mobile Work Offices

We are Denmarks leading producer of mobile offices, specially designed to improve the work environment in vans. Ergonomic solutions for computer & tablets, desk space and more!

“If I have been seated most of the day, I take the swingarm to the passenger seat and work from outside. It enables me to stand up, stretch my legs, get some fresh air and sun. Mobile Work Desk makes it more convenient to work in the car, it allow me to sit much better. I would like to recommend Mobile Work to others, I think it is a really good mobile office solution”

Thomas Rasmussen,
Hako Danmark

“A large amount of my workday is on the road, I use my computer daily for e-mails and work orders, so it is probably an hour daily. I want easy access to my computer when I work, Mobile Work Desk enables that. The functionality of the swingarm and desk is great, I would not do without it anymore.”

Søren Nielsen,
Aura Energi

“At Assa Abloy we actually have a lot of desk work with e-mails, offers to customers and reports to our main office. For me it is especially important that my work environment is functional. I use my tablet a lot every day, which is why I think it is cool with all the possibilities that Mobile Work Desk gives me. I am just a huge fan of my mobile office, and it is not just something that I am saying. In my former position I had nothing the like.”

Sebastian Høirup,
Assa Abloy

“It is great being able to take my computer and move it into a comfortable position, when I need to use it. The swingarm really does wonders for my posture and my workdays gets significant more convenient and easy. Pretty much all of my colleagues use Mobile Work Desk and are also satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend it to others, who like I use my car as my office.”

Niels Astrup,

“The Mobile Work Seat is functioning as intended, it does not shift during driving and it is able to be tightly fastened. I have a disc herniation, which is why I have a special truck seat installed, so I can always sit correctly. Therefore, I am very conscious about my seated posture when I work. The Seat model gives me the option to always be seated comfortable and with a good posture, because I can take the swingarm in front of the wheel, so I can sit upright.”

Carsten Skovfoged,
Aura Energi

“I drive around 30.000-35.000 kilometers yearly on Fyn, so I get around quite a bit on this tiny island and get a fair amount of acute tasks. I had another mobile office system before which i never really used, but I am very satisfied with my Mobile Work Seat.”

Mogens Høj,
Assa Abloy

“I especially use my Mobile Work Desk when I have to write reports. The swingarm makes it possible to be comfortably seated, it is also very convenient to disassemble the swingarm on days where i don't use it.”

Anders-Peter Schmidt,
“Jeg kører årligt 30.000-35.000 km på Fyn, så man kommer lidt rundt på den lille ø, og jeg får også mange akutopgaver. Jeg havde et andet system før, som jeg aldrig rigtig fik brugt, men jeg er rigtig glad for mit Mobile Work Seat.”
Mogens Høj,
Assa Abloy
Easier Workday

Our Mobile Work Series enhances your day on the road.

With our products you gain the leading mobile work office equipment. Ergonomically designed to grant a better seated posture while working. You gain additional storage space, save time on digital tasks and increase your mobile work environment.

The Mobile Work Office
You Deserve!

Ergonomically Correct

The Mobile Work Series is designed to secure the perfect work conditions. The adjustable swingarm on our products, enables you to always be able to find a pleasent and ergonomic correct posture. You avoid crocket postures and bends in your back and lower back, therefore long-term use of our products help you avoid damages that may be hard to recover from.

The Best Quality

We are very proud of the Mobile Work Series quality, our products are 100% produced in Denmark, using only the best materials. We are constantly innovating and developing on our products, to improve our product offerings, but also to improve the work environment for our customers. Because we believe that everyone deserves a great work environment and we always go the extra mile to achieve yours, we believe that to be the essence of quality at Mobile Work.

Time Saving!

With Mobile Work you always have your office set up and ready at hand. All you need to do is open up your computer-/tablet, find your desired work position and you are ready for digital work. You are spared of always having to find your charger, set up the computer on the passenger seat and work in awkward positions, which are bad for you long-term. That is time saved daily!

Efficient Workday

With our mobile office functionality, you are able to make your workdays more structured. Mobile Work makes it straightforward to finish your administrative tasks right away, this could be documentation after a service visit, a customer meeting, etc. The quality of your digital work increases, firstly because you tend to do it right away and therefore it is more detailed, secondly a good work environment and posture is essential for the quality of work, and life!

Mobile Work Desk

Designed to make your workday better. Mobile Work Desk makes working in the car easier for you, with the flexible swingarm you can always sit ergonomically correct and work on your computer or tablet.

You save time on your digital tasks. You can be seated comfortable when working, whether you are writing a report or attending a Teams meeting. Mobile Work Desk can be installed in all vans with two single seats.

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Mobile Work Stand

Designed to give you the functionality and ergonmic posture from the flexible swingarm, without taking up too much space in the car. Our Stand model is made for computer and tablet, its easy to remove when not in use.

Your mobile office is always ready at hand, the swingarm is easy to move to the side and lock, so it does not interfere when you drive. Mobile Work Stand can be installed in most vans with a seatconsole, contact us for information regarding specific van models.

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Mobile Work Seat

The perfect solution for working with your computer or tablet, if you have a passenger seat available. You can assemble or disassemble our Seat model quickly, and still gain the functionality and convenient seated posture

Mobile Work Seat also gives you extra storage space and a desk, the flexible swingarm ensures good ergonomic posture and overall increased work environment. Mobile Work Seat can be installed in all cars with an available seat.

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